Budget Liquid Lipstick Review

Hi Guys

I don’t know about you but I sure do love to find bargins on the internet (maybe a little too much!).  So when I saw these lipsticks on eBay for £1 each I sure had to give them a go.  I hope you enjoy this review and hope it helps you in trying out new products.  These are liquid lipstick which go on like a gloss but dry to a matte finish, they have their advantages and disadvantages as I will explain below.  If you do a quick eBay search for liquid lipsticks you should be able to find these ones, sadly the seller I got mine from is no longer selling them.

Colours –


Swatches – 

Advantages – 

Obviously the price is a great advantage, for £1 is not very expensive, even if its for a couple of uses before branching out to a higher quality alternative this product is great.  Another advantage is that once they’re on, they’re going to be there for quite a while, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that they had the potential to stay on all day but they certainly stayed on my arm for atleast 5 hours without disruption.  The wand applicator is great with a little doe foot on the end allowing for easy application.

Disadvantages – 

On the arm they’re really set down into the skin, however when I applied them to my lips I found that they always remained slightly tacky which doesn’t bother me personally but if you’re someone that likes products to be really matte and smooth on the lips I wouldn’t go for these.  Another disadvantage is that I found that they didn’t smell very nice, they smelt rather chemically? I love the smell of Mac lipsticks so I presume i’ve been spoilt by such lovely smelling ones!

To conclude I think these lipsticks are great if you’re on a budget, trying out a new shade before fully commiting to a higher end product or just getting into makeup, however if you have the cash to splash there are plenty of other great liquid lipsticks out there which are heaps better.

Hope you all had a lovely day!


Rhia xo

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