Mini Haul // Eyeliner and Lashes

Hi Guys!

Dorry about not posting yesterday, i’ve decided to totally gut my bedroom, moving all the clothes, makeup etc!  I’ve nearly finished doing it but decided to show you guys a few little bits I’ve gotten over the past few days.  

The first item is these new lashes from Red Cherry, I’ve been in love with the 43’s for quite a while but I saw these when I was going to reorder my regulars and decided to give them a go! I will post a look with them in a few days but I think they’re so gorgeous, wispy and sorta natural!

The second is this natural collection (by Boots) White eyeliner, this standard white eyeliner for brightening the inner eye, making the eyes look wider and brighter.  It was only £1.99 if I remember correctly and it is super pigmented!

The next item is a repurchase, this is a liquid eyeliner that I ran out of last month and I really love it.  The pigmentation is great, the application process is super easy and it says on all day!  I wish it was waterproof but you can’t ask for everything for under £5!

The final item is another repurchase, this is the Benefit BADgal Liner in black (waterproof).  This has been my favorite pencil eyeliner for about 4 years and will be one I keep repurchasing over and over again.

First swatch is the Benefit liner, Second is the Natural Collection Liner and Finally is the Maybelline liner.

  Bonus Hektor picture as a sorry for not posting yesterday!

Hope you are all having a lovely week and I will see you tomorrow!


Rhia xo 

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