Budget Makeup Haul // November 2016

Hi Guys!

Just a quick notice to say thank you to all the support I’m getting recently, all the positive feedback and great comments.  I really appreciate them all! I hope you’ve all noticed too that I’ve got a proper URL now! So from now on it’ll be CatsandContours.com which is SUPER exciting!  I’ve also celebrated my 50th blog post and will be announcing a new contest in the next couple of days!

Today’s post as decided by the lovely people on my twitter (here) is going to be my new makeup haul from this month so far!  I’ve had a few bits from Superdrug and one item from Primark.  At the moment Superdrug is running a promotion of 3 for 2 on all makeup products and naturally I wanted to take advantage of this!

I’ll start with the stuff from Superdrug first:


First are these eye shadows from the brand Freedom which are super metallic and pigmented.  They remind me a lot of the MUG Foiled shadows and have a great payoff especially when using a spritz of Mac Fix+.


The first picture swatches of the shades I have (1, 2, 3 and 8), the first is taken without the flash and the second with the flash on.  They come in single pans for only £2 which are magnetic to fit it with any of your magnetic palettes – This leads onto my next product!


This is the Freedom Pro Artist Magnetic Palette.  It fits a fair few shadows in, it’s made of sturdy plastic with BIG mirror on one half of the palette and it was only £5!


Next up is this eye shadow by Makeup Revolution, it’s an “Eye foil” which mean that it has a very different texture to most other shadows – it’s an exact dupe of the Stila Magnificent Metals foiled eyeshadow.  They suggest mixing it with the eye that they provide in the tin, however I feel that it works best pressed straight onto the eyelid with a synthetic packing brush.  I already have the rose gold version of this and it creates a stunning finish.  This came in at a tiny £3!


Next up are these Freedom eyebrow pomades, I’m a firm believe that Anastasia Dipbrow is the BEST thing to ever happen to my brows ever but this is an EXACT dupe! I was skeptical on ordering it and a few of the reviews said that it ran a bit dark so I ordered my usual shade of Auburn and a slightly light Caramel Brown.  I didn’t find that they run dark and have found they lasts just as long as my dipbrow.  I never thought I’d say it but this has definitely replaced my Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow (£15) as it came in at a shocking £5 and it comes in 11 different shades!


Next up is this beautiful cased rose gold lipstick in the shade Chauffeur which to be honest I only brought because the case was pretty and it was only £3 and it’s a SUPER creamy and pigmented formula.


Finally is one item from Primark which I picked up because it was super shiny! It’s just a super basic mirror to chuck in my handbag when I pop out anywhere.  This was reduced and was £1


I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it (and playing with the makeup!)

Also as a bonus here is a random cat picture!

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-02 at 19.32.44.jpeg


Rhia xo


My 24th Birthday // My Gifts!

Hi Guys!

Todays post will be what I got for my birthday! I turned 24 on the 20th October and spent the day in Nottingham shopping, having lunch with my mother-in-law and then at the RUSH salon opening in the evening (followed by a few cheeky drinks).

The main presents I got were clothes and makeup but I got a few extra little bits too! – All the photos in todays post are from their websites as I’m back at work now after my lovely two weeks off.


Image result for lindy bop cat skirt

This skirt from Lindybop is one of my favourites from their site, it has cats all over it (naturally) and is such a flattering shape for my size.

Black Leather Look Jacket With Large Faux Fur CollarBlack COMFORT INSOLE Heeled Ankle Boot With Gold Trim In E Fit

Next from Yours clothing are these items, first is a leather look jacket with a removable faux fur collar so it can be worn all year round.  Secondly is these black heeled ankle boots with gold accents.  They’re super comfortable and as they’re a wide fit I can wear a fluffy pair of socks with them when it gets cold!

This choker is from River Island and compliments every outfit I wear! It’s super comfortable and is such a cool statement piece!


I got a few staples for my birthday along with some bits that I’ve been lusting after for a while!

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear in Shell – this is my ride or die foundation, it is ALMOST the perfect shade for me, controls my oily skin and lasts all day.  This is the fourth bottle I’ve gone through and I am yet to find a foundation which even competes with it!
  • Nyx Lipliner in NYX Slide on Lip Pencil in Nude Suede – my perfect my lips but better!
  • NYX Blotting powder in Light – another product to keep my oily skin looking perfect ALL day.

I got some other bits and pieces but these were the main birthday gifts.  I got a few t-shirts from QWERTEE from my husband.

The most important thing is coming in tomorrows post so make sure you keep your eyes open! you may have guessed it if you looked at the URL of todays post

Love Rhia

Lola Loco’s Nails // Burgundy and Holographic Nails

Hi Guys!

For the first time since my wedding (over 2 years ago!) I’ve had some acrylic nails done to celebrate my birthday.  Being a Veterinary Nurse means that I can’t have them done for work nor wear any nice polish, so as soon as I knew I had two weeks booked off for my birthday I booked in to have my nails done!

I knew exactly what I wanted, I opted for medium length acrylics with gel polish on top which meant that they would stand up to the wear and tear that I was going to give them while being off work and having activities planned!

I went to Lola Loco’s (based in Heanor, Derbyshire) to see Kaley.  She runs the service out of her home or is mobile in that area.  She did a fantastic job and made me feel very welcome the whole time I was there.

A week later my nails haven’t got a single chip in them and I can’t fault them one bit, in fact I LOVE them and I’m very sad that they’ll have to be removed before next weekend for work.


Tomorrows post is going to be about my birthday and the gifts I received!


Rhia xo

RUSH Hair Nottingham // V.I.P Opening

Hi Guys,


Last night I was invited to the RUSH Nottingham opening night by the lovely Claire, RUSH have salons all over the UK and as a blogger I got to have a sneak peak before they officially open (22/10/16).  The salon was bright, modern and spacious.  When first entering the Salon I expected it to be quite small and cramped but was pleasantly surprised on the tour as it just kept going on and on! Although it is quite large with a upstairs and downstairs, the washing areas are separate which gives an intimacy which is lovely.


We were taken on a tour by the staff members, all of which were extremely lovely, polite and very knowledgeable.  After the tour there were opportunities to have colour consultations, hair styling, braiding and GHD styling.


Both myself and my beautiful friend and Co-host Blythe opted to have our hair styled and they turned out FABULOUS! The stylist did a partial up-do on Blythe as her hair is so beautifully long, he opted to do a vintage style on my hair which took inspiration from Victory Rolls.  He showed us how easy these styles were to recreate at home and overall was warm and welcoming.


After having our hair done we mingled a bit and spoke to the other members of staff, looked around and finally decided to call it a night.  We got a wonderful gift bag with products and a voucher for a free blow dry – which I certainly will be cashing in!

I definitely recommend giving this salon a visit, they’re also offering 50% off your first appointment as an opening offer which is fantastic!  Even if you’re not around Nottingham I do recommend using their salon finder  to see if they have one where you live.



Rhia xo

Makeup of the Day / Modern Renaissance

Hi Guys!

Today’s post is going to be a MOTD of a day a few weeks ago when I went to a wedding!



  • Esteé Lauder Double Wear Foundation
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
  • Nyx HD Setting Powder
  • Nyx Blush in Taupe
  • Benefit Blush in Dandelion
  • Mac Painterly Paint Pot
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
  • Kuki Yours Eyelashes in 628
  • Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner
  • Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Auburn
  • Mac Prep and Prime Fix Plus
  • Jeffree Star Dollparts Liquid Lipstick

I curled my hair using the NuMe reverse curling want and it kept my curls in all night.

Hope you enjoy this look as much as I did doing it!

Love Rhia xo

Three hundred and ninety seven days.

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve posted a blog post!

I’m feeling fully revitalised, I’ve passed my second year of Veterinary nursing and I’m onto my third and final year!

As well as my makeup collection growing in the year gap I’ve had, I’ve also chopped off quite a lot of my hair into a shoulder length bob! This has made such a difference to my look, I had grown bored with my hair as it was way too long to manage (for me personally) and now I’m actually styling it!

I’m going to start off with blogging as often as I can as I’ve got a lot to catch you guys up on but I’m hoping that you’ll forgive me for my absence!

Here’s a picture I took last weekend when going out to a wedding, I’ll go through the products I used in the next post.


Hope you’re all well.


Rhia xo

September Wishlist // Beauty and Household!

Hi Guys

Today my post is going to my September wishlist, these are products and items that I would REALLY like this month and will probably either buy them or save up to buy them 🙂

Starting off with my personal favorite – Beauty!

Infinity+ Sparkle Eyeshadow

The Kiko Infinity and Sparkle Eyeshadows £2.80 here
I went into the new Kiko store in Nottingham today and found that the shadows in there are extremely pigmented, super smooth to the touch and had really good colour pay off.  I’m definetly going to be investing in a few ok maybe a dozen of these shadows this month!

Mac Lipstick in Stone £15.50 here
Need I say more, I’m sure most people in the Beauty Blogging world are familiar with the Mac Stone Matte Lipstick that Mac has just brought out.. GET ON MY LIPS! ❤

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray £39 here
This hair spray is on a different level totally to anything else I have ever tried, I can’t even describe the volume:spray ratio and the smell is LOVELY! The only MAJOR downside is the price.. I don’t think that i’ll be purchasing this unless it goes into the sale but I am really lusting after this!

Now onto the Home Items
I’ve been looking at revamping my house as we’ve been living here for almost 3 years and I am getting a bit bored with the decor.

ALEX Drawer unit with 9 drawers IKEA High unit with many drawers means plenty of storage on a minimum of floor space.

Ikea Alex Draw Unit £90 here
The first item is the Ikea Alex Draw Unit, this would free up so much space in our bedroom and I could fill it with all my makeup 😉
Infact just let me free in Ikea and i’ll be content!

4 Tier Over-Door Storage Rack
Lakeland 4 Tier Over-Door Storage £24.99 here
My key aim is going to be to create more space where there was none before! This would be perfect in my bathroom as I currently don’t have any shelves in there (although i’d like to put one in!)

That’s it guys!
I know it was slightly different to my usual posts but let me know what you think?


Rhia xo

Cult Beauty Products // Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow

Hi Guys!

Welcome to another installment into the cult beauty product series.  This time it’s the super popular Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow!

11992389_10207416944126266_1866640859_n  11995689_10207416944366272_526979900_n

I also got the number 7 brush along with it as I didn’t have an eyebrow brush 🙂


I got the shade Auburn as i’m a natural ginger and I feel that the darker brown colours wouldn’t look as good with my hair as it is.


Sorry for such a serious face but I tried to capture my eyebrows in their natural beauty! ❤

Now for the Review!
This product is THE HOLY GRAIL of eyebrow products! I don’t even know how I’ve lived without this product in my life! It is SO pigmented and you only need the tiniest little bit of product to do your whole eyebrow, the brush is just the right length and bristles are nice and firm which means you can get the lines nice and thin!

The product – I find that it stays on all day, goes on super nice and overall is an AMAZING product!

The price – I’d say this product is on the higher end price wise as it’s approximately £15 in the UK depending on where you get it from, I got mine from Cult Beauty and I had a 15% off coupon from them so it was slightly cheaper.

Overall – I will be using this for the rest of my life ❤

Also bonus for today – When I went into Nottingham shopping I got this SUPER CUTE drinking cup which is currently filled with blackcurrent squash whilst i’m writing this!!


Anyway, hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!


Rhia xo

I’m BACK! // A Few Makeup Looks!

Hi Guys!!

I’m BACK! I’ve taken a short break from this blog to have a bit of breathing space to myself, but I’m feeling on top of the world now and I’m planning on setting a proper schedule for blogging, I plan on blogging every Saturday and Tuesday and will be making sure that I’ve got lots of stuff lined up for you in the future 🙂

I’ve not been wearing as much makeup recently as I’ve been trying to give my skin a bit of a break.  I’ve been off work this week with a bad back so I’ve not been able to sit upright at my desk so I have a selection of looks from the last couple of weeks for you.

One exciting new product that i’m REALLY excited about doing a review for you for is the Anastasia Beverly Hill Dipbrow (in the shade auburn) along with the number 7 brush, (another in the series of cult beauty products) which I will be writing tomorrow.


Below is a selection of looks that I’ve done the past few weeks 😀

11997017_10207410808292874_917484906_n 11994236_10207410808732885_499373407_n 11995489_10207410807572856_104263014_n

And now for the obligatory cat pictures! (Thank you to my darling husband for these photos!)

11991227_10207410808372876_1449668021_o 11934182_10207410808492879_999209616_o

Makeup of The Day // New Foundation!

Hi Guys,

Another apology is due, I’ve been super busy at work recently but I’m here this weekend!  This is going to be my first impression on a foundation that I’ve had in my draws for a while but haven’t used.  It’s the Benefit Better Than BB cream.  I have it in the shade 01 fair (naturally as I’m pale as a ghost).  The coverage is very light being a BB cream but still covers up the majority of big imperfections.  I’m enjoying using this foundation as I’m finding the weather a little too hot for my double wear.

The foundation goes on as a cream but then turns to a light powder on the skin so doesn’t need much setting, I just set it with some Mac Prep and Prime translucent setting powder in my T zone as I’m oily. 

Sorry for my eyebrows… I’m getting them done this week hopefully if my eyebrow stylist can get me in! 🙂 

This is a very simple look using the Naked 3 palette as I’m stuck on the sofa with a pulled back today but wanted to get ready to make myself feel a bit better 🙂 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and wherever you are it is sunny and bright! 


Rhia xo