Intu Bloggers Event // December 2016

Hi All,

I hope you are well! I’ve just handed in my final two assignments for my course and my final written exam is next week – I finally feel like it’s coming to the end!

Today’s post is going to about the other day (Monday to be exact) where Intu Victoria Centre held a Christmas bloggers event.


I had a fantastic time and saw some lovely friendly faces.

Firstly we were greeted with a super tasty cocktail from Thaikhun (which is my favourite restaurant EVER) and seated in an area in the upper mall.


We were then introduced to a company called supersuper which had Christmas jumper crafting for us to do – Check them out here!


We also had some beyond awesome “Froyo” from the Sloane Brothers who have a little stall downstairs.


Overall I had a great evening, there was an option to go play a game on the HTC Vive VR Headset about decorating a Christmas tree but I had work early the following morning so opted for an early night.

At the end of the evening, we were given a generous goodie bag, full of samples – my personal favourite of these was the Charlotte Tilbury perfume!


Hope you are all having a great week


Rhia xo




My Cats


Thought i’d introduce my babies to you, I have four cats; Jasper, Hektor, Rufus and Apollo.  They are all rescue cats and I love them sooooo much!!


Jasper is my oldest boy being five years old, he’s a domestic shorthaired cat who is white and grey.  He’s been through the wars throughout his five years, he’s been hit by a car three times (now they are all indoor cats don’t worry!) and he’s also had a type of cancer called an injection site sarcoma which meant that he’s had to have some pretty serious surgery, MRI scans and lots of TLC!


Hektor is a bengal cat who is almost 4 years old, he’s very naughty, noisy and most the time a pain in the bum but I love him greatly and he’s a great character to have around the house.  We also call him mummy hek as he looks after all the other cats, including pinning them down to clean the insides of their ears!


Rufus isn’t the bravest cat in the world, he’s a massive wimp if someone he doesn’t know comes into our house or if the hoover makes an appearance. His nickname is poofy, mainly because of his fur being so long (he’s a domestic long haired cat) but also because his tail fluffs up as he walks making it poofy.  He’s almost 3 years old and he’s a ginger tabby.


Last but certainly not least, Apollo is my most recent rescue coming into the veterinary practice after being found in a shoe box on the local park.  He’s a black and white domestic short haired and he’s 10 months old, he’s such a loving kitten and he really loves kisses and cuddles!  Here’s a picture of him photobombing my selfies as he always wants to be involved in what i’m doing!


Now i’ve introduced you to my bunch, what pets do you have? and what are their names? (can’t beat a good name!)


Rhia xo

A Fresh Idea

So.. I should start by saying a big hello really, hi i’m Rhia and i’m addicted to beauty products!

This has been something that I’ve thought about for a long time and never really put into motion until a few really good friends (and my darling husband) of mine gave me the oomph to put my passion into words.

So lets start of simple and let you get to know me, i’m 22 years old and i’m from the UK, i’m currently in full time employment whilst studying to get my diploma in veterinary nursing.  Veterinary Nursing is something I am in love with and as a self confessed crazy cat lady it was only apt that I named my blog something to do with cats, hence the name Cats and Contours was born!

I plan to be exploring the world of makeup and beauty products one step at a time.

Peace Out

Rhia xoIMG_20150518_202019Just some favorites from the month – See the next blog for some more information on them