Life Update // Jan 2016


Hi Guys!

Thought I’d check in and do a little update, I’ve got a review coming your way in a couple of days for the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation and Setting Spray.

My new year has been totally hectic and I’ve been thinking about which way I want to take my blog.  Although I love beauty, with my exams around the corner I have had to put the blog on the back burner and I’d like to apologise for that.

Today I thought I’d give you a little update on what has happened the past few week in my life (apart from studying).  I’ve spent the vast majority of my life at work and studying for my final exam but yesterday I managed to get out and go into Nottingham.

Yesterday, the first thing I did was to go have my hair cut.  It was LONG overdue and my split ends were getting worse and worse.  I decided to go crazy and have a HUGE change and got my hair cut super short.

I LOVE my new hair and would love to hear some opinions on hair styling products (I am totally clueless!)

Here’s a super scary picture of most of the hair chopped off!

Another exciting thing that has happened is that I bought myself an Amazon Echo (treat yo’ self) which is proving to be an excellent purchase!  It has a stunning design and wouldn’t look out of place in even the most tidy of houses.

I would recommend an Amazon Echo to any tech savvy people, I’m planning on investing in the Phillip Hue lighting system next so that I will be able to control my lights through the Echo.

Finally here’s a few makeup looks that I did last week before I had all my hair chopped off!

Lots of love

Rhia xo



Cult Beauty Review // Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector // Moonstone

Hi Guys!

Sorry my posts this week have been few and far between, my exam is next week so I’ll be posting a lot more frequently when I’ve gotten past that hurdle!

Today’s post is going to be another installment in the cult beauty product review series, this time is is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone.


Starting with the packaging:  The packaging is lovely, the compact is hand sized with a rubberized exterior and a metal plate on the top.  On the inside it has a nice sized mirror which is perfect for highlighter application on the go and whole 8 grams of product.3 2

The highlighter itself is perfect for pale people such as myself, it’s not too overwhelming with undertones, but has a slight champagne one.  The product is super creamy and milled super finely so there are no glitter particles in it at all.  It feels like quality.  The price is a bit steep at £30 in the UK but depending on how thickly it is applied it should last quite some time.  The application is really easy, I use a Real Techniques setting brush (this one) which has been swept across the product super lightly to apply.  I find this method better than using a fan brush but I know a lot of people that successfully use fan brushes.


This swatch doesn’t do the product justice, I loooove the look of it on my skin and it give such a amazing highlight!

Overall I would 100% repurchase this product again and again!  Stay tuned for the next post in this season – Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation!


Rhia xo

p.s bonus kitties!


20 Relationship Questions // Me and my Husband

Hi Guys!

This is something different from usual, this is a question and answer that I found on Facebook.  My husband and I both asked eachother the same questions and wrote down the answers.


WITHOUT ANY prompting, ask your boyfriend/husband these questions and write down EXACTLY what they say.

1. What is something your wife always says to you? 


2. What makes your wife happy? 


3. What makes your wife sad? 

animals in pain

4. How does your wife make you laugh? 

she doesn’t (how rude!!)

5. What was your girlfriend like as a child?

Ginger and naughty

6. How old is your wife?


7. How tall is your wife?


8. What is her favorite thing to do? 

Watch Netflix

9. What does your wife do when you’re not around? 

Clean the house

10. If your wife becomes famous, what will it be for? 

This blog thing you do.

11. What is your wife really good at? 

cleaning and making sandwiches

12. What is your wife not very good at? 

League of Legends

13. What does your wife do for a job? 

Veterinary Nurse

14.What is your wifes favorite food? 

Pesto Pasta ❤

15.What makes you proud of your wife?

She works hard

16. If your wife were a character, who would she be? 

Narla from the Lion King

17. What do you and your wife do together?

Sit in the same room

18. How are you and your wife the same? 

We’re not

19. How are you and your wife different? 

She puts up with my bulls*!t

20. How do you know your wife loves you?

she tells me

Just to let people know, he is very sarcastic and loves me a lot really! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed asking him the questions! 🙂


Rhia xo 

Budget and High End Haul!

Hi Guys,

Today I went out on a lady date with my beautiful best friend Elle, we went shopping and out to dinner.  I got loads of different products from Superdrug and one product from Space.NK. I’ll be doing a makeup of the day post later but this is my haul post!

Starting with the high end product I got today, this is the shimmering skin perfector by Becca Cosmetics.  I have been lusting after this highlighter for months after seeing it being used by a YouTuber, It finally came back into stock at my local store and picked it up today.  I got the shade Moonstone as I’m very pale and it gives a lovely gold highlight.


This picture really doesn’t do it the justice it deserves, its so beautiful and super pigmented.  THe powder is so finely milled it feels super lightweight on the skin.  The packaging is so pretty too, this is really worth the money!

Now onto the Drug Store Haul!

 I’m going to go through these at a later blog once I have time to test them and get an opinion on them but here is a list of what I got:

Makeup Acadamy (MUA) Matte Perfect Loose Setting Powder in the shade Translucent

Makeup Acadamy (MUA) Undress your skin shimmering highlight in the shade Iridescent Gold

Makeup Acadamy (MUA) Brow Define, Tinted Brow Mascara in the shade Mid Brown and Dark Brown

Makeup Acadamy (MUA) Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush in the shade Rococo

Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Peach Lights

Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in the shade Rose Gold

I look forward to testing these products and hopefully getting some good reviews for everyone, who doesn’t like a budget product! 😀
Love Rhia xo